twenty-one baby!

me, on my 21st birthday. hanging out in the store. :D cheeeese.

21 things to do while i'm 21: 
inspired by carrie. she's got all kinds of good ideas.
1. eliminate soda from my life. forever.
2. remind david every day how much i love him
3. meet our goal for “the best day ever” in the store 
4. keep my fresh air plant alive despite david's belief that i'm a plant killer
 5. wear my retainers until my teeth fit in them again
6. travel somewhere by train
7. read a literary classic for the first time
8. cycle the tour de tucson, or do some other 30+ mile bike ride
9. finish getting my tattoos removed
10. cook an entire week of vegan dinners
11. sew myself a dress
12. get a 4.0 GPA in one of my final 3 semesters at BYU-I
13. grow my hair past my shoulders
14. run a mile in under 10 minutes (don't laugh, i'm serious)
15. get professional pictures taken of david and i
16. make new friends, but keep the old
17. save my money for a few months instead of always spending it all on clothes
18. go on a camping trip with just david
19. find a recipe to cook with tofu that doesn't gross me out
20. visit a new temple
21. finish crocheting my yellow blanket

sounds good, right??
& thanks, everyone, for all of the sweet emails, text messages, phone calls...everything. 
you make me feel super special & i love ya!


    (i have you on our blog list and it wont freakin update when you update. i dont know why. I have the right link finally.) retarded.
    love you girl.

  2. # 1. Happy Birthday!
    # 2. This website made me think of you. I'm passing it on. http://freesetglobal.com/

    xoxo Casey's mom aka Beth

  3. What a great list! :) &the soda thing, you will feel GREAT for doing, trust me.

  4. Sorry I'm chirping in late! Happy Birthday!


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