4 things

1.) things i will never call david: my hubby, hubbers, hub, hubs...or any combination/variation of those. he's my husband and he's a grown man...so i don't really feel the need to give him a toddler-esque nickname. also, when the time comes, i will never call myself preggo, preggers, preggy, pg...or any combination/variation of those. where do all these words come from? and what's wrong with being just plain old pregnant and married to your husband?? sorry, random rant. maybe i've been living in idaho for too long...& maybe seriously, so blessed has made me ultra-sensitive to UT/ID mormons?

2.) we both wore cowboy boots to church today!
3.) & we had a gorgeous, low-key evening in rexburg yesterday barbecuing and lighting off firecrackers (which i'd never done before). the sunset was beautiful and the weather was very warm and nice. sweet! i also got to watch the 4th of july parade on main street from my bedroom window, which was a lot of fun.
4.) hope everyone's having a fantastic 4th weekend!


  1. Hahahaha - it's true. #1 is definitely solely attributable to ID/UT Mormons!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  2. I'm so so so glad you are enjoying those boots. I loved them and it brings me joy to see you loving them (just like I love you!).

  3. hang on...i went to that seriously, so blessed blog. she is awful! so so sosososoooo awful. is she for real? i hope not!


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