the ABC's of our 4th of July weekend

ATL...we're going to GEORGIA this summer, officially!
Baked potato picnic in the park on sunday afternoon :)
Chips and salsa. we eat it all the time.
Dress your family in corduroy and denim, by david sedaris. it was my weekend read and it was good.
Evenings spent watching sunsets in good company
FIRECRACKERS! for the first time ever, i lit off firecrackers on saturday night. they're illegal in california, where i grew up.
Hamburgers on saturday night!
Itchy eyes and nose. allergy season.
Jams...meaning bruce springsteen. born to run is david's favorite song right now.
Kissing while holding sparklers. dangerous, yes. cheesy, yes. hot, yes.
Liz and jacob are getting married!! her bridal shower was thursday night and carrie did a fantastic job coordinating everything.
 Motorcycle! i'm learning to drive the rebel and i'm getting pretty good.
Ordering cardigans for the store...how i'm spending my monday evening.
Parade. we watched the parade on main street while sitting in bed eating pop-tarts on saturday morning.
Q-tips. cleaned all the sand out of my ears after being at...
Rigby lake! where i got...
Sunburned this afternoon.
Trailer. we picked up a horse trailer for my parents in idaho falls on friday night. (david's phone took this picture and i really like how it turned out!)
Underwear. we ran out of underwear and had to do a load of laundry this weekend.
Visited porter park to see the booths set up there on saturday.
Watermelon for the first time all summer yesterday.
X-tra sauce in the teriyaki bowl i shared with david tonight.
Yahtzee! with scott, siobhan, & shpitty on sunday night.
Zapped. all my energy. it was a full weekend.

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