allergies, jam, & firesky

random happenings from the last few days:

i've mentioned on here before that david is lactose intolerant. and lactose allergic. like...a lot. we ended up in the ER right after christmas 2008 because a sneaky mexican restaurant slipped some cheese into his burrito, and we ended up there again on sunday night. we're not sure why yet, though...we're really careful about the food we have in the house and there was NO dairy in anything david ate on sunday. needless to say, he'll be visiting our friendly neighborhood allergist ASAP. when he has an allergic reaction, his eyes get all swollen and red and he breaks out in hives and (the scariest part) he has trouble breathing. luckily, the folks at the ER had him feeling good after a short while (and by good i mean loopy from their crazy benadryl) and we were back home in no time. believe it or not, these pictures were taken when david was on the recovering side of the attack:
i made freezer jam last night! and i also made this weirdo face for a picture:
i took this picture of the sky yesterday as i was leaving the store for the night. apparently there was a fire in idaho falls that caused all the crazy colors. we kept looking out the window all evening...it was insane. i'm sure someone got super cool pictures of the temple up on the hill with this sky behind it:
and...that's all! the store's doing well, the semester's coming to an end, and we're happy to be alive and in love in the summertime.

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  1. I'm glad Mr. Dave is alive and well. That is scary crud when he has a reaction.


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