i married a misophobe. did you know that?
my husband hates germs, especially ones from other people's hands.
i...do not. i share drinks with anyone and everyone. 5 second rule? try 15.
it's not that i don't worry about cleanliness; i shower every day (ok, most days) and i try to keep my apartment tidy and dust-free. i just don't worry about it as much as david does. 

usually, before taking a drink of something i've been drinking, he'll ask, "has anyone else drank out of this?" because he knows that my friends visit me in the store often and if i have a drink, i'll share. i'm a sharing kind of person. i think this worries my husband.  one time, hailey (aka my bff shpitty) was in the store. david came in a high-fived her, then immediately reached for the hand sanitizer i keep handy. hailey said, "do you really think i'm that germy? i showered right before i came here!" and david replied, "yeah, well, your towel was probably moldy."

my point is, though, that i've gotten a little more paranoid about things down in the store. the reasons for this are twofold: 1.) tanning bed cleaning, and 2.) my counter.  i think the tanning bed thing is obvious. people rub weird-smelling lotion all over their bodies and then lay in a HOT bed and sweat for 20 minutes.  then, i get to go clean it after they leave. so yeah, i was/sanitize my hands pretty frequently throughout the day because of that one. it just makes good sense.

my counter is a recent awareness i've developed.  in case you've never stopped by (you should stop by sometime!), i sit behind a glass counter. it's where i ring people up all day long. the more i observed my customers, the more aware i became of the breeding ground for germs that my counter could potentially be. SO MANY people don't cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze. i always hear my mother's voice in my head saying, "COVER!" but of course i can't say anything. kids press their faces up against the glass, kissing their reflections or wiping their nose.

i just...it kind of weirds me out sometimes, especially when i picture all those germs meeting up and getting to know one another, and getting cozy and making new little baby germs.

so lately, i windex that baby like 4 times a time. no joke. i worry that a customer is going to leave and then come back and see me frantically scrubbing the counter down and get offended.
i hope if you do stop by sometime, though, you'll admire my shiny, fingerprint-free glass counter! and then i'll let you have a sip of whatever drink i'm working on.

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  1. I love what you said about the 5-second rule. =) I've held for years that germs will get on something after 1 second, and after that it doesn't make much difference whether it's 5 seconds or 30. I'd draw the line after hours, though...

    (Also, the word verification is "aciesia," which to me sounds like a cool, exotic name for a girl from some other country.)


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