do you know how GOOD it feels to have my weekly to-do list look like this?
it feels good. so good. 
so did writing in my grades, which as you can see, turned out to be all A's and B's.
what a good little student i am!
good enough that david and i are celebrating tonight with dinner at the taco bus.
it actually feels very strange to be down in the store and not feel guilty for watching arrested development on hulu or reading a fun book when i really should be doing homework. no more homework to do! well, until september. then i'll be hitting it hard with advanced creative writing, a class on c.s. lewis, modern american lit, and rhetorical studies.
right now, though, i feel like, "BRING IT ON."

AND, my daddy gets into town tomorrow morning! he's helping my brother move home for his off-track, but it's a bonus for me cause i live here, too. it's a very, very good time for me to be alive.

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