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this weekend was weird. i felt like nothing was going well.
when i'd try to do something to turn it around, that wouldn't work out, either. 
i don't know why my expectations were so high. disappointment is a sucky feeling.
i'm rapidly realizing that if good things are going to happen to me, then i'm going to have to make them happen for myself!

good things i'm going to do this week:
get groceries with my bff shpitty
receive 2 big shipments in the store
BBQ with our next-door neighbor friends
go on a date with my cute husband (what's up, 2 year anniversary!)
keep my apartment tidy
remind david every day that he's the best
get a teriyaki chicken bowl
work out (bike ride!)
finish naked by david sedaris

despite the poopier things that happened this weekend, it was fantastic to get a day or two with my daddy. the older i get the more i realize that i'm more alike him than i ever thought i'd be. i'm proud of that :) my dad's the best.
& ...looking forward to trips to both california and georgia this summer! how lucky we are.

hello, first week of summer break! 
i am excited to be your new bff.

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