i ate my homework

i'm so close to the end of the semester...like a few more sentences to diagram close.
when the semester started in april, i suspected this day would never come.
and mid-june, i knew it would never come.
but, alas, tomorrow is my final day of classes, and once i turn in the finals i've been finishing up today, i will be gloriously free from this semester and british literature aka evil.
for some reason, though, i have 0 motivation to do like 2 more measly sentences.
i would literally rather eat this piece of paper than diagram the last 2 sentences on it.
p.s. you see that window AC unit in my bedroom window?? that = my sanity. it gets so hot up here. and i don't mean up here in idaho, i mean up here on the third freaking floor of a building built in 1911 that has never had AC.
p.p.s here's what finals week looked like this time of 2008. i was engaged and hating geography with a passion.

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  1. you're like a goat in that pic eating a piece of paper...i LAUGHEDDDDDDDD. hilar!


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