my best friend's wedding

rach just posted pictures from her beautiful june wedding and i've seriously looked through them like 3 times today. it was such a beautiful, happy day and a beautiful, happy weekend, i think i'm trying to relive the whole thing.
FACT: rachel is one of the most beautiful brides i've ever seen.
she was radiant. stunning. head over heels in love. beside herself with happiness. 
she was every cliche in the world, but in her very own way. and now she's on the east coast with her new husband living out their happily ever after and i miss her terribly. well, i've missed her since i moved to idaho.
but i think now i miss her in a, "i miss being young and in high school and staying up late talking in circles about everything and nothing" kind of way.  the kind of missing that happens when you realize that you've turned into adults and will never have that back again, no matter how bad you want it. it's so fun watching our friendship evolve into a very different kind of understanding as we move through different stages of life. rach just gets me, you know? and i dig that. :)
i love you, rach!

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  1. I just saw this. And I love you so so so much. i love that we get each other -- we're kindred.


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