me today = walking laps around the store ('cause sitting down makes my cramps worse) while sipping a cocoa bean love potion blended drink (it tastes like a chocolate covered strawberry!).


also, i'm 20 cents short in stamps and i have a letter to michelle that i want to get out TODAY! do you think mr. postman would still take it to london if i taped 2 dimes onto the envelope??

(p.s. - i only blocked out meeshelle's address so creepy mormon-haters wouldn't write hate mail to/stalk my bf4ene. if you're not a weirdo and you wanna write sister P a letter, email me for her address! hello.brandilyn{at}gmail{dot}com

(p.p.s. i'm not sure whether or not this picture qualifies as duckface. if you vote yes, please accept my apologies. i promise it won't happen again.)

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