picnic in the park

i just saw this picture on stacy's blog. it's from our fourth of july picnic in the park and it made me laugh...mostly because this is the face i inevitably make whenever my buddy caleb is around. i become incapable of any normal facial expressions...he's just so darned cute though! look at his little hands!
i also like this picture because it reminds me of how nice it was to eat lunch in the park with good friends...and how good the watermelon the robbins brought was. 
also, we're sitting on my mom's quilt, which is one of many comfort objects that i've stolen from home in california (the others being things like my mom's slippers and my dad's winter socks). they make me less homesick.
oh, and david's wearing his old man shorts! i fell in love with him in those old man shorts.
stacy, i just wish you were in the picture! then it would be a true representation of how awesome that weekend was.


  1. Wait . . . you took my slippers?

  2. If I were in the picture it wouldn't be a true representation at all - cause I'm always behind the camera. ha ha ha!

  3. mom - YES! i confess! i have them. i've had them since i very first moved out. i'll give them back if you want.

    stacy - LOL! very true!


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