summer is most definitely here in rexburg!
i'm both happy and sad about this.
happy because:
we ride the motorcycle everywhere
we make almost nightly trips to the sno shack for $1 sno cones
i wear dresses as often as possible
our windows stay open all the time
everything fruity sounds and tastes delicious
people we love are getting married and marriage is good

sad because:
most evenings are spent inside doing homework with hot, hot laptops on our laps
days are spent inside the store
rexburg didn't warm up until mid-july
we're in school for 2 more weeks and all we want to do is camp and travel to see family and be outside

overall, though, it's a good time to be alive.
i'm reading some good books, cooking some good food, hanging out with some great friends, and enjoying any time i get with david.

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