ten things

inspired by seeker of happiness, here's my list of
10 things that make me terribly happy

1. when my brother moved out of his apartment, he gave a bunch of food to david and i that he would have otherwise thrown out. turns out he buys the same cheese and butter that my mom gets back home and having them in the fridge has made me happy (even though david can't share cause of lactose).

2. our bed! david takes a few minutes to straighten it up for us every morning and i appreciate it so much. also...our window air conditioner rocks. you'll have to excuse the black box in the window; i didn't realize you could see my reflection and i wasn't..ah...decent.

 3. arrested development. i watch it every day.

4. this guy.

5. pictures of my friend's new babies. so chubby and pink and cute, i can barely stand it.

6. anniversary cards from david's parents and my grandparents. we honestly didn't think anyone remembered our anniversary (other than us, of course), and it meant so much to both of us to get those cards in the mail. we feel so loved and supported!

  7. a big, fat, much needed jewelry order came in today (even though 2 of our glass rings were broken because the UPS guy keep throwing our box over the top of our gate. grr.).

 8. i wore this shirt today and hailey said it made me look like my mom. i like that.

9. the swamp cooler down in the store and the citrus oil david puts in it so my whole store smells so fresh and so clean.

10. walking around the store barefoot today. because i'm the boss and i can!

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