things i am SO excited about:
only four more days in this semester. 4. do i have a ton of stuff to get done in those four days? of course. but then...i'll be done. for seven weeks. seven weeks filled with store improvements, camping, and getting david allll to myself (oh yeah, &our 2 year wedding anniversary!)

my daddy gets into town on friday morning. i'm so excited!

david and i waited as long as possible before putting our window air conditioning unit think in our bedroom. tonight...it's going in. i'm thrilled.

carrie and i decided to be each others happy mail partners this month. her package items are on their way as we speak...and i'm so excited. i think happy mail is even more fun when you get to shop for a person you know and love!

i borrowed naked from hailey. i hope you know how much i love david sedaris...if you haven't already, read his books. all of them. start with me talk pretty one day, though. he's fantastic and laugh-out-loud hilarious and embodies everything great about non-fiction.

my ponytail is long enough to make my neck hot. it's kind of annoying...but awesome that i have that much hair. also awesome: no need for bobby pins when it's ponytail time!

on a completely different note:
a boy from my high school passed away this last week. i didn't know vincent at all, but i do know a lot of his close friends whose hearts are breaking right now.  if you can, please keep them (and especially his family) in your thoughts & prayers. i know it would mean a lot to them. thank you.


  1. Yay for knowing each other happy mail! It was so fun shopping for you! It was like- your birthday all over again only for no other reason except "I love you"
    which I do.
    A lot.

  2. i literally want to punch you for never watching seinfeld. DIGITAL PUNCH!!!! GET. STARTED. NOW. it will change your life for the better. I PROMISE!! we have all seasons on DVD. and it was the best money we ever spent except for my favorite pair of sequins miu miu heels that i got in italy.


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