why i love working retail

 i took down our old poopy/boring white paper lanterns and replaced them with these awesome paper stars made by carrie. i'm in l-o-v-e love with them...so much more color than before! crap picture courtesy of my cell phone, taken right after i put them up...hence the ladder.

girl in my store: so do you guys ever get busy in here, or do you just sit around a lot?

a.) none of your business and you phrased that question very rudely.
b.) yes. some days i don't sit down for 7 hours because i'm so busy cleaning tanning beds, clearing out dressing rooms, receiving new shipments, and ringing people up. also, traffic comes in waves, so sometimes it'll be slow for a little while, and then 20 people will randomly show up and the store will be packed.
c.) i am actually taking a test on-line for my english 325 class on the history of the english language, which will be followed by writing a critical response for my british literature class. and i just finished diagramming 30 sentences in my grammar workbook. so although, yes, i am technically "sitting," i wouldn't consider what i am doing "sitting around."
d.) oh, we stay really busy!

yes, i answered d.
and yes, i wanted to say any combination of a-c.
i don't think she was trying to sound snotty...but aren't you supposed to think about what you say before saying it? and maybe recognize when what you're about to say sounds a little bit rude?

another girl in the store today (very excited):
"so are these the real aviator sunglasses??!"
that one just made me laugh.
"yeah! real, live, genuine aviators!"

i love my job because i get to meet all sorts of interesting people who say interesting/funny/random/rude/weird things, and although i complain sometimes, i don't want any other job in the world right now.

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  1. Hey those paper stars look great up there! What a great place to put them.

    And I'm glad you answered the question of whether or not you have REAL items in your store... maybe panache is just so awesome she felt like she was dreaming?


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