anniversary festivities

we spent our 2nd anniversary doing fun things together. i started the day getting crepes and groceries with shpitty while david got a little work done, and then he took me to the driving range to try to share some of his mad golfing skills with me.
after that, we went to the thrift store and found this awesome sewing machine. my little, old one keeps pooping out on me and this one was cheaper than getting the old one fixed. it's old and probably weighs 20 lbs., but it works great! i finished a skirt i was working on with it.
it also had a little bag tied to the top with all of it's spare parts inside. so sweet!
we got taco bus for dinner (a haynes tradition) and ate it at the park before going to see despicable me in 3D. i would definitely recommend the movie; it was SO cute! not 3D though. every time i've seen a movie in 3D it leaves me with a headache.
when we got home, we found main street closed off and a dance party going in full swing...right outside our window. so i finished sewing a skirt i was making and we had some sparkling cider while we waited for the party (+ awful music) to finish.

overall, a great anniversary! i'm lucky to be married to this guy and we're lucky to have parents on both sides who give us such a good example of what real, true, lasting love is. we're grateful for them and grateful for each other.
can't wait to see what year 3 brings!

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  1. Yay Despicable Me! Jacob and I saw that at the drive-in last week. It was so fun! Partly because it was my first time going to a drive-in movie, partly because it's fun to go on dates with my husband, and partly because it was just a fun little movie.

    Happy anniversary!


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