boot camp

me in my glory days, riding maverick at windmill ranch :)

on monday, i went golfing for the first time.
while my instructor was easy on the eyes, the golfing was hard on the muscles. it turns out golfing is harder than it looks! i mean, i was lucky if i could even connect my club with that minuscule ball. anyways, i came away with sore shoulders and wrists and, weirdly, my entire right leg. not the left...just the right.

on tuesday, i rode.
i've been riding horses for almost 15 years now. i hope it doesn't sound cocky for me to say that i know what i'm doing when i climb on top of a horse. however, i hadn't ridden in 6 months or so, and while my brain knows what it's doing, my body just isn't in shape like it used to be. i guess the muscle memory was there...but there was very little actual muscle. my scrawny noodle arms just weren't performing like they used to.
came away from that one with sore...everything.
sore butt, sore shoulders, sore calves, sore arms, and most of all...sore abs. happy brain, but sore body.

basically, today i'm walking like an 80 year old woman. getting up out of my chair requires considerable effort. i think i even whimpered putting the mustard back into the fridge last night. PATHETIC!

david said: "it'll get better...you've just got to keep using those muscles!"
my mom said: "wow, you're out of shape."
i said: "why-hy-hyyyyy meeeeee??!"

bottom line: my 20 minute stints on the elliptical aren't counting as exercise anymore. i need to get back in the saddle, back on the yoga mat, back into shape. i'm thinking about trying jillian michael's 30 day shred, too. i heard it's brutal. i don't really need to lose a ton of weight...i just wanna FEEL THE BURN!
(but maybe starting in a few days when i'm not in agony anymore)

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