a california update

i usually don't do "city" things when i come home to visit my family. san francisco is so overcrowded and packed with tourists, plus the shopping is SO darned expensive. 
when i lived in the bay area, i definitely preferred berkeley--it's still a bit toursity, but a lot less crowded, and the culture appealed more to high school brandilyn. the shopping is a lot more fun and eclectic, too.  i always recommend berkeley to people visiting the bay area.
i decided i needed my berkeley fix this trip, so my mom and i headed there this morning. i haven't been in a couple years and it was nice to revisit the shops i remembered and find some new little treasures.
(click to enlarge. pictures via my cell phone, hence the fuzzies)

we visited an herbal shop, buffalo exchange (of course), and lots of indian-inspired stores with fun stuff. most of all, i enjoyed spending the afternoon with my mom, chatting and exploring (and finding her "the" rock for her buddha tray).

these pictures are from a few days ago, when we spent the day doing gardens. they turned out pretty good, no?
and this was just funny. on thursday, we had an open house. we'd spent days getting the house and yard looking perfect, and thursday morning was reserved for the finishing touches. i ran down to the pool to make sure everything looked good there, and found this:
the wind had blown the lawn chairs straight into the pool! we were all about to leave the house and no none wanted to jump in and retrieve them.  luckily, courtney volunteered and the yard ended up looking great.

so, that's what i've been up to!
tomorrow? a gay rodeo! no jokes.


  1. Can I please please please go to Berkley with you someday? I know my way around the Haight no problem. But Berkley is LEGIT hippie town. I'm just scared to drive in the Bay Area.

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