california via my cell phone, cont.

i have yesterday's cell phone pictures to show you, but first of all....
admit that this is the funniest thing you've seen all day:
just admit it, you're laughing.
ok, yesterday was a gardening day. since my parents are selling their house, my mom and i had to make her yard look gorgeous.
 alden lane nursery, only the most beautiful place ever!
 our shopping wagon filled with my favorite thing: green plants! i'm not a foo-foo flower type of girl; i like big, lush, green plants best (although i don't complain when david brings me lilies).
 we stopped on the way home and picked up this delicious peace tea. how cute is the can?! they just don't distribute awesome cans like this in idaho.
 madison supervising work by the gate in the front of the driveway. she said she felt special, being perched in the bed of the pickup truck and waving majestically to all who passed by.
 one of the finished products! the sun was setting by the time we finished, so this picture's dark. i'll post better ones soon.
and this is what marley did all day. he sat in my clean laundry and gave me kisses every time i walked into the room. handsome boy.

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