a happy rodeo

our last day in the bay area was spent at a gay rodeo.
i'm not sure what comes to your mind when you read the words "gay rodeo," but for me...it was exactly how it sounds. a rodeo put on by, performed in, and attended by the homosexual residents of the bay area. my mom rides with a drill team that rode there part as part of a circuit of performances they do. while we don't agree with the lifestyle led by the people at the rodeo that day, we tried to look at the event as an opportunity to support my mom in something she loves. we had a blast, everyone we met was friendly (especially to david), and the diablo ladies put on a fabulous show!
the rodeo grounds were gorgeous! surrounded by trees and tucked away just outside of half moon bay.
while my mom was getting ready with her team, we took the twins to an ocean overlook. we hardly ever get to see the ocean, so this was a real treat!

the drive through half moon bay wound around the coast. gorgeous.
we do this a lot. can't help it...he's cute!
the diablo ladies practicing their routine on foot before going into the ring
my mom all dressed up! so fancy!
my mom and ellie, all ready to head in. check out all that BLING!
overall, a great end to a great week.

*update: i finally got the video of the performance to load on youtube! it took forever. here it is:

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