noisy street

note: our apartment is located on the third floor of a building on main street in downtown rexburg. we live above our store and just a few blocks away from campus, which is great. it's noisy, though, which is not great.
the things we hear outside our window:

- loud trucks driving by
- car alarms & horns at all hours of the night
- people on skateboards and bicycles doing all sorts of crazy tricks, hollering, and making all noises generally associated with teenage boys (there's a skate/board/bike shop a few doors down)
- the snow plows all. winter. long. (these come in the middle of the night. metal on concrete = LOUD)
- street concerts
- live music pouring out the doors of The Box (a live music/comedy venue across the street)
- teenage girls gossiping and laughing loudly
- shop with a cop...this happens every year around christmas time, usually on the first day of finals week. the local policemen all line up, turn their sirens on, and parade down main street...at 4 am. they go pick up underprivileged children and take them shopping for christmas gifts, so of course i think it's a great program. but really? sirens on? 4 am? it takes them like 20 minutes to all go by.
- construction

all this to say...
tonight we had a thunderstorm, and it was loud and beautiful and smelled amazing. we left our windows open and i felt so grateful for the downpour.
so (despite all the obnoxious noises we sometimes hear) today was a great day to live here.

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  1. Yay for living on Main Street! I'm not at all anxious for the snow plows to come back...


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