i made a skirt!
i think this is the first article of clothing i've ever made myself (aside from a pair of green capris with horse shoes all over them that i made in the 4H sewing class my mom taught).
i used this tutorial;i thought it was fantastic! i especially liked the step-by-step with the pockets and the elastic waistband. it made so much sense to me! and i loved that i could make the pockets as deep as i wanted (very deep). i altered it a little bit because i didn't like how the exposed elastic waistband looked on mine. i ended up hemming the top and the bottom, and then sewing the elastic on the inside of the top instead of on the outside as the tutorial suggests.
 i know you pro sewers out there could probably whip this up in like an hour. it took me a bit longer than that, but i'm pretty proud of myself, especially since i live in skirts in the summer and i'll get a lot of use out of this one. excuse the wrinkles; i took this picture after i'd worn it all day.
i used some scrap fabric for the pockets.  
AWESOME scrap fabric. 
awesome, creepy kitten scrap fabric.
(& lesson #1 i learned: ALWAYS use matching thread. even when it's on the inside of the garment and you don't think anyone will ever see it.)
i finished this a few nights ago with my new, thrift store purchased sewing machine! awww, yeah!


  1. It looks so beautiful on you! YAY for a new sewing machine - it's so beautiful!


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