so we did it!

i am married to david, and we do not have any children.
we are also college students, which = poor.
do you want to know what the wonderful thing about this place in our lives is?  i'll tell you. it's wonderful to get an idea at 12:30 at night and then do it. like last night, we decided at 12:30 that we wanted to go camping. so we did it!

we don't have tents or sleeping bags or lanterns or anything, so we cleaned out the back of our escape, put the seats down flat, and stuffed it with blankets and pillows. then we drove out to beaver dick park, found a nook, and slept out in the big, bad wilderness. in our car.

we didn't have to arrange for a baby-sitter, or check with anyone before leaving. we just did it. i love that. i mean, we do have the store, so it's not like we've got all the freedom in the world. we are tied down a little bit, just not as much as most people.

sometimes i like to take a second to stop and appreciate this time in our lives.  yes, we live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment. money is always tight and our date nights usually include the $1 menu somewhere eaten at a park and a redbox movie or, if we're feeling fancy, the $3 theater. i spend my days running our little business, but i spend my nights uninterrupted with the most handsome boy i've ever met, and how romantic is that?!

someday we'll have babies and we'll be home owners and have jobs more demanding than the ones we've got now. i can't wait for that next part of our adventure...it's going to be great! but right now, this is just perfect. i love this.

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  1. YAY! Jacob and I had a similar experience this week. It ended somewhat more dramatically, but it was worth it! Blog about the whole thing to follow shortly.


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