sweet tats, episode 2

makes me feel like this:
they're almost gone!
(excuse my red, shiny nose. i got sunburned in california)

i went and got my tattoos lasered again today. david came and watched because, let's be honest, it's pretty wacky how they do it. it hurt like a mofo, but i am proud to say that i didn't ask for a break once! of course, i was just trying to be brave in front of david. today my thoughts on tattoos are this:

as my mother wisely told me when i was a teenager,
"there is nothing that you want on your body when you're 18 that you will still want when you're 40. you'll be a completely different person 20 years from now."
this is, naturally, advice i promptly ignored...& then ended up with a massive ink blob behind my ear that i actually paid someone to give me.
it didn't even take 20 years for me to be a whole new person. it actually only took, like...1.
i'm sure there are people who get beautiful, meaningful tattoos that they cherish forever. i guess i just haven't met any of them.

i hope my children will be smarter that i was. i might have to beat them over the head with a frying pan if they aren't. i'm still not quite sure why my own mother didn't annihilate teenage me.

anyways, good-bye white trash tattoos! you will not be missed!

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  1. If I had beat you over the head with a frying pan you might not be here right now making my life wonderful. I love you and, as always, still counsel you to NEVER tell your children the real stuff you got into as a kid. It always comes back to bite you in the behind, lol.


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