we still aren't hiring!

is it hard to get a job in rexburg? absolutely.
i wish i had dozens of jobs to give to the college and high school students in the area.
however, i don't. i can handle all of our hours, and when i can't, i've got a built-in assistant called my husband. hiring someone would be a waste of our money, because we handle the store just fine (most days) on our own.

still, we've got tons of people who come in asking for jobs. i used to keep a tally each semester of how many people came in to ask if we're hiring, but stopped when the numbers climbed up past the 30's. really, it's ridiculous. often, the didn't believe me when i said we don't have any employees. some people even told me they thought i was lying (um, yeah, that makes me want to hire you!). some people come in in their pajamas. sometimes, groups of girlfriends come in together looking for jobs. it gets a little exhausting.

because of this, when you walk up to my store, you may see the following sign in the window:
it used to say, "Panache is currently staffed," but some people didn't know what "staffed" meant.
anyways, sometimes people don't see that sign. because of this, when you walk into my store, you will also see the following:
ok, this is a big sign. it comes up to my waist, and you literally have to walk around it to get into the main part of the store. i hope it's not rude. i just didn't know what else to do.

despite this, today a girl walked in and asked if we were hiring. i honestly thought she was joking (you know, because of the 2 signs and all)! i smiled and said, "haha, seriously? nope!" and she said, "well, here's my resume anyways!"

i'm not sure what else to do. neon sign?
in other news, i had this gorgeous portrait done of me in watercolor by my bff shpitty:
this one's getting framed and passed down as an heirloom for future generations.


  1. Ha ha ha! Love the picture! You could always tell them to try somewhere else - like Western Watts. ;)

  2. Haha! You should frame an artistic rendering of "No, we're not . . . didn't you see the first 2 signs?" so you can just point to it when anybody asks. No words, just point.

  3. Brandilyn! It was so nice to hear your cyber-voice on my blog. Fun to read about your life too. Thanks for popping up!


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