wednesday x 10

10 things that make me want to pee my pants in happiness:

1. arizona juicy drinks. one of these lasts me my entire work day (massive!) and they're delicious!
2. i've got a hair appointment today. very much needed as i've currently got about 2 inches of outgrowth...it ain't easy being blonde.
3. the 'outfit inspiration' posts i started doing on the store blog. i have so much fun putting them together!
4. david sedaris. i read his books over and over again and they don't get any less amusing.
5. the comfiest flats EVER from target.
6. back-to-school shopping. it fills my store. even though it often involves rude teenagers, it's very much welcomed with the college students being absent from rexburg.
7. this post from biscuit about blogging trends. hilarious and true.
8. girl's night! the wives of the third floor watched the princess and the frog yesterday night while the husbands played frisbee golf.
9. homemade bread! our cute (newlywed! congrats, chan and christian!) neighbors brought us some homemade bread the other day and it is so good.
10. my rainbow flip flops. i've had them since my sophomore year of high school...they were on my feet at my high school prom, on my wedding day, plus everything in between and since. i love love love my rainbows.

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  1. well aren't you a cutie patootie? love your blog chica!


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