wishing you were here!

an overview of our time in livermore so far based on my cell phone pictures:
marley hanging out in the rocking chair i (emotionally) inherited. my mom rocked all of us in it as babies and now (SOMEDAY) i'll rock mine in it, too. and i think that's cool.
how cool is my dad? that's a cane...with a sword inside. i don't think i gave that enough emphasis. a CANE...with a SWORD HIDDEN INSIDE OF IT. i think that's cool, too.
my mom's truck loaded down with the flowers we planted in the front walkway today. it looks real pretty!
some of my great-grandmother's artwork that i've also inherited. i love this!
david helping my dad clean out his workshop.

and of course there's been lots of this:


  1. Love the pictures! You'll have to come see Sam's cane with a sword in it. He is so proud of it. Those things are so crazy!

  2. If I buy you a cat will you come back to me?


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