yammy yammy yammy!

i just found out i won this painting (from this etsy shop)
from a giveaway on So about what I said..., an adorable blog i started following recently!

i'm excited for the following reasons:
a.) because the colors match my apartment perfectly (seriously, ask anyone who's been here),
b.) i grew up raising sheep, so this guy seems extra-special to me, and
c.) it's freaking ADORABLE! honestly, how cute is he?

thank you, Melissa!! i couldn't be more excited!

p.s. if you're wondering about the title of this post, my mom and i always used to yell that in goofy voices when we went to go feed (or walk or weigh or trailer) the sheep. it sounds like "lamb-y"...get it? har har ha.

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  1. Part of me misses those "yammies" but then . . . NOT!!!


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