as of late...

1. i've been taking things too personally. i have to keep reminding myself that just because someone says one of my favorite poems is "full of typos" (it's e.e. cummings, apehead!) or someone quits the improv troupe i love so much...these things aren't personal. these are matters of priorities and preferences and they have nothing to do with me.

2. i bought 2 little pieces to a halloween costume! i haven't had a halloween costume since the year michelle and i dressed up as 50's housewives. my fingers are crossed that i will have a place to wear it to...and that david will dress up as a pilot, because that would be awesome/funny/super hot. also, this is probably the best child costume ever:
3. my hair is just barely long enough to braid with 0 bobby pins in it, and this makes me happy.

4. it makes me really, really sad/angry when women are mean to their husbands in public. i understand that couple disagree and that things aren't always hunky-dory in your relationship...but don't drag them into a clothing store and be rude to them! also, don't be rude to me about my return policy. it is what it is and i'm not changing it for you. (not you reading this, i'm talking to homegirl who sassed her way around my store today)

5. my girlfriends make me happy. they make the day go by quickly. they relate to me. they are funny and kind and beautiful, good people and i love it when they visit me in the store.

6. i love my classes, except my business class. but even that one isn't so bad. i'm so grateful to be at this stage in my college education...there are so many good, interesting people and ideas and books in the world and i'm just thrilled to be learning about them. what do you love learning about?

7. the store has been killing it. like, in a great way. we're scrambling to keep clothes on racks. it's been fantastic.

so...what's new with you?


  1. I want a son so that I can dress him up like a garden gnome!

  2. Also I second that "Don't be mean to your husband in public" policy. I'm kind of a fan of the "don't be mean to anyone ever, policy," but I'm still working on implementing that one.

    and i love learning about anything geography. i look at maps for like 2 hours a day.

  4. Hi. You don't know me. But I just wanted to say - I sympathize about the e. e. cummings thing. Stylistic choices are not the same as typos. Oh well.


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