a few little things

i swear i'm the luckiest person alive.
now...what to put on my custom frame?! oh my, the options are limitless!
 thank you, carrie!

2. i have started fall classes.
i dropped one of my upper-level english classes because it was on-line and i quickly realized it would be better for me to take it live. i picked up world religions in it's place. i feel good about it.
all of my classes look like they're going to be a lot of fun.

3. sister piazza is currently in the last transfer of her mission. the last transfer!
i try not to talk about it too much in  my letters to her because i know it makes her sad to think about leaving london and i don't want her to get too distracted...but i am SO EXCITED.
and just because i don't talk about it in my letters to her doesn't mean i don't talk about it to everyone else. MY BEST FRIEND IS COMING HOME!!!

4. a girl came into the store yesterday wondering if i wanted to trade tanning for massages.
um...yes. very much yes.

5. i might be getting a little cold. yuck.

and that is all i have to report today.

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  1. I love your report for the day. Especially the last line. I love you Brandilyn!


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