georgia via my cell phone

our georgia trip via cell phone pictures:
 we saw this lady in the airport...she's pushing a stroller, but wearing nothing but leggings (say it with me: LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS, people!) and stiiiiletto heels. like 6 inch hooker heels. for some reason i thought it was funny.
 this is the cover of the third harry potter book i got at a used book store. i guess it's the british version...i think it's awesome! i like it was better than the american covers!
 david about to get to work fixing up his motorcycle. it's been sitting in his parent's garage for a few years now. he was so excited to wheel it out. when we were engaged his mom sent me a picture of him on this motorcycle and i loved it so much, i framed it. it's been hanging in our living room, and now i have an updated picture to put next to it!
only the cutest sign ever (it says "i ♥ gelato") in the cutest gelato shop.
too bad the girl working there was GRUMPY and it was a bit overpriced. yummy, though!

other highlights that i don't have cell phone pictures for:
-driving through georgia. there are trees EVERYWHERE! it's so unlike what i'm used to. it's beautiful.
-the gorgeous little waterfall we did a short hike to this afternoon.
-three million (or six) bug bites, covering my arms.
-chunky baby tanner (our nephew), the most laid-back baby you will ever meet.


  1. Oh Lawdie. Yes, leggings are NOT pants. Good God some people.

  2. I LOVE that cover of Harry Potter. I would love to get a whole set of british versions!


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