hey, y'all!

i've been a bad blog updater these last few days! i'm sure you'll forgive me, though.
here's why:
we've been travelling. we went from rexburg to salt lake (4 hours). salt lake to las vegas (1 hour). las vegas layover (1 hour). las vegas to birmingham (2.5 hours ?). birmingham to atlanta (3 hours).

we've also been visiting! all that travel time was worth it because we've been kicking it with david's family for the last few days. it's been laid-back and fun and way relaxing. it's been good for us. we've eaten some really delicious food, and we went swimming today. i haven't been swimming in a long time! we've also talked a lot. i love getting to know the important people in my husband's life and staying in the house he grew up in. it's also cute to see him fixing up the motorcycle he rode around on in his earlier years. another thing: i love the accents here (or maybe i have an accent?). it's a fun change for my ears.

also in my travels, i've picked up the harry potter books.
you may not know this, but i'm the same age as harry potter. i remember in 5th grade, my teacher read us the first one out loud. it had just come out, and my class was so excited because we were all turning 11 years old and could be getting letters from hogwarts soon, too!...right? anyways, i graduated the same year as harry potter (class of 2007...i know, i'm young).
i stopped reading after the 4th book or so, and i'm not sure why. i decided to re-visit the first one, and ended up reading the entire thing on our las vegas-birmingham flight. i stopped at a used bookstore here and picked up the second and third books (for $5 apiece! and i got the british version of the third one, so the cover's way cooler!)...so i'm a bit hooked. i probably won't be playing mock quidditch games anytime soon, but you know, i'm enjoying a fantastic read. i may start the movies when i finish the series.

so, that about sums up our last few days!
we're loving georgia. the trips's already going by too fast.
p.s....it's HOT here. humid hot.


  1. i'm totally jealous! i remember i read up to book 5 [i think.. the big fat green one] and i have been wanting to buy them again and start it up. they're fun!

  2. i read books 5-7 during a christmas break once in college and my family was literally not allowed to come into my room because i was SO INTO THEM!! they are so wonderful! :)


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