hole in one

i got sick on friday morning.
saturday and sunday were awful.
today i'm recovering slowly but surely.

i've barely eaten in the last 3 days except for cough drops and chamomile tea (not the garlic/grapefruit concoction my mom prescribed...sorry, mom, i couldn't bring myself to do it!). every time i climbed the 3 flights of stairs to my apartment i felt dizzy and weak and i coughed so hard it made me gag.

and i just now wrote a flash fiction piece for my creative writing class about a husband who bashes his wife's head in with a golf club and calls it a hole in one.

all of this to say, i'm a little out of it. sorry for my absence, world, i'll try to be back tomorrow.


  1. I am so sorry you've been sick. I can't wait till you get better! We have lots to catch up on!

  2. Yeah, my sinuses are still recovering.

    Also, gruesome-sounding story. I'm definitely intrigued.


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