if you don't know that i love my mom a whole lot, then you've probably never talked to me for more than 2 minutes. i think my mom's the best. she's selfless and hilarious and kind and adventurous.
today is her birthday! 
here's a little bit about one of my favorite people in the whole world:
she's a cowgirl and loves her horses.
she's a yogi and a foot zoner.
she's married to this guy.
she's granny jo to this little punk.
 she's a mom (this is only 3 out of her 7 kids...and that doesn't include all of the non-biological children that call her "mom"). she always makes time to make sure her kids know she loves them and has their back no matter what.
she's pretty outdoor-sy.
she's a biker (as in bicyclist...she does not ride motorcycles. common misconception.).
a lot of the time, she can't be taken very seriously.
mostly, she's just a beautiful person.

i hope you have the best birthday ever, mom. 
i love you so so much and i miss you every single day. 
i hope marley gives you enough hugs to count for the both of us!

**psst...even if you don't know my mom, you should go over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday :)


  1. 1. A very happy birthday to your Mom!
    2. If you guys EVER need a shower or ANYTHING I am only a block away! Please just come over!
    3. Are you store hours now only Tueday and Thursday? We stopped in today to say hi but you were closed and one of your signs said m-f the other said t/th so I was just curious.

  2. Wow, Princess. Thank you. That just makes everything all better today. My day was pretty good. It would have been a whole heap nicer if I could have spent even a little bit of it with someone from my family. :(

  3. LOVE MOMS! &it looks like you have a great one


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