today was busy busy busy.
it was productive, though!
-went to business class and c.s. lewis class
-submitted my application for the off-campus writer's retreat (!!)
-received not one, but TWO big shipments in the store
-changed mannequins in the HOT display windows
-visited with darcy and stacy and their cute-as-a-button little boys
-sprinted to world religions class before realizing i wasn't nearly as late as i thought i was
-got dinner
-had phone conversations with my mom and doctors without borders
-met hailey/shpitty's grandparents, aka the cutest people alive
-placed a jewelry/scarf order for the store
-did homework

i feel like i just took my first breath all day! it feels good to have a full day,
but it also feels good to slow down a bit tonight.

in world religions we've started learning about meditation.  it's going to be a big part of the course and we'll be taking a few minutes at the start of each class to sit in meditation. in addition to that, we're supposed to do 5-5 minute meditation sessions, 10-10's, 15-15's, and 20-20's. my mind is always chattering away at me, singing whatever song is stuck in my head, analyzing the latest awkward situation, worrying, shouting...i think it will be really good for me to learn to just...be. to let thoughts come into my mind, recognize them, and then let them pass. to be calm. i get too anxious sometimes and it's not good for me.

so that's what's on my mind today, which is sort of...the opposite of what this post was supposed to be about.

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  1. I LOVE meditation! It has really changed my life. I'm so jealous that you HAVE to meditate.

    Also . . . days like this are reality for some of us. I so know what you mean about stopping and just taking a breath. That's EXACTLY how I felt last night when I finally got to sit.

    You're doing great, my darling. I love you!


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