three cheers

three cheers for being done with generals!
these are my books for the semester (not pictured: mere christianity, the great divorce, & the problem of pain, all by c.s. lewis). i can't tell you how lucky i feel to be getting a degree in something i love so much.
it blows my mind! it fills my brain with happiness!

three cheers for $0.99 cereal!
 you had better believe we stocked up!

three cheers for the students being back in rexburg!
we're ever so grateful for the business they bring into the store.
we had a fantastic day today. the store was busy, we put a huge order out then placed another big one, and jewelry's coming in on friday. i love my little business!

school starts for david and i tomorrow. ::deep breath::
we can do this...right?


  1. The Screwtape Letters has my favorite quote of all time in it...maybe I'll leave you in suspense...you can make guesses as you read it! :)

  2. cheap cereal! YAY!! have a great thursday! :)



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