my creative writing teacher (advanced creative writing...i have to throw that in there because it makes me feel all cool and upper-classman-y) told us the other day that good stories sometimes have to make their readers feel uncomfortable. as someone who spends a great deal of time and energy trying (unsuccessfully) to avoid awkward situations, this statement surprised me.

what makes me uncomfortable?
snakes make me uncomfortable. really, really uncomfortable.
i had a traumatic experience once when i was younger that included my beloved first horse misty and my mother, the two beings i loved most at the time. ever since then, snakes give me this awful feeling in the back of my throat in between gagging and shivering. sometimes i'll be doing something random, like sitting in class, and i'll picture a massive snake slithering up from under my desk with its jaws open wide, ready to close over my face. i know what you're thinking, that it would be really difficult for a snake big enough to eat my face to get up into the smith building on campus without anyone noticing it... 
but it wouldn't be impossible.

the problem with me is that even if a snake ate my face, i'd still be upset if they killed it. like when that snake in florida attacked a toddler...they showed pictures in the news of the stab marks in its side and it made me cry. i mean, he was just doing what his instincts told him to! he didn't want to live in some guy's house in a terrarium! and his owner stabbed him, when it was the owner's fault in the first place for forcing a wild animal to live in his house.

still, though. i don't like snakes. i don't understand how they move on the ground like a fish, but not in water. i don't like that they're all over the world. i don't like how sneaky they are. they creep me out.

and that's why snakes make me uncomfortable.


  1. snakes are the worst. i hate hate hate them. my little brother has one. one time it went missing... and of course where did they find it? my bed! didn't sleep well for awhile after that.
    (p.s. they keep a bowling ball on the top of its cage so it wont get out anymore. it actually had the strength to lift up the iron lid!)

  2. Princess, I feel bad that that experience traumatized you. It's actually one of my favorite stories to tell because it was one of those times where a mother has instantanious (sp) superhuman bionic powers. I love you and I'll always protect you from the snakes and Pierre from the coyotes.


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