last night around 11, david was in the shower when we got a call from our downstairs neighbor.
"could you guys turn off your shower? it's flooding our bathroom."


as i was planning on showering this morning, i spent the day feeling a little greasy and very grumpy about it. finally tonight david called our neighbor to figure out exactly what was going on down there. 
we had been picturing a big hole in the ceiling with a busted pipe dumping water into their bathroom.
it turns out that what's actually happening is our shower is coming up through their pipes.


so while this needs to be fixed, it's not the tragedy that i've been sulking about all day. i mean, i can still use my shower, i just have to take shorter showers. okay, i can handle that. 
geez, brandilyn, why so dramatic?

well, in light of the poop attitude i've had all day, i'll now be listing 6 things that i'm grateful for
(i would do 5, but i like things in multiples of 3, so 6 feels like a nice, comfortable number to me):

1. my apartment.
it has pretty hardwood floors, a view of the temple, and enough space for david and i.
it meets our needs and that is good.
2. our neighbors to the right.
sam and stacy are the bomb diggity. we love them. and if we didn't live in an apartment with ancient plumbing, we never would have made such amazing, trustworthy, and genuine friends.
3. this print:
it's my desktop background and i like it.
i can't remember where i found it, though, so if anyone knows...help a sister out?
4. it's fall time, which means people are back from summer adventures, which means the humors will probably be rehearsing again soon. and improv makes me happy, did you know that?
i love the peace, the sense of community, and the truth that comes with living my life according to gospel principles. i am grateful to have that in my life.
6. mi espouso.
image from postsecret.
even on days where we aren't "clicking" as well as we usually do...
there's no one else i'd rather navigate this crazy, overwhelming world with.

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  1. i don't usually like postsecrets, but i LOVE this one.. and maybe i think that too.. which i say is a good thing because every lovey-dovey couple should. :)


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