working girl

 (i'm being stern)

i get bugged when people say things to me like, "you just don't understand what it's like to be as busy as i am." or, "just wait until you have to work a real full-time job! you're going to hate it." and when i point out that i do, in fact, work a full-time job, they say, "no, but like a real full-time job."

i guess people with babies, school and jobs are as busy or busier than i am, but i really do have a lot on my plate! sometimes i feel like i'm on a tightrope in high heels juggling glass bowls trying to keep track of it all.

i think people assume that because i have more freedom in the way i spend my time at work, it's an easy job, or because i enjoy my work, it's not a real job.  here's the thing. not only do i work full-time hours (we don't have any employees), i work overtime. if something goes wrong in the store, i can't pass it off to someone higher up than i am and clock out at the end of the day. i stay and fix it, sometimes until 2 or 3 in the morning, and i don't get "time and a half." i don't have someone breathing down my back to receive shipments or vacuum or change mannequins, but it still needs to get done or the store looks like poo. yes, i enjoy my job more than most people i know, but that doesn't mean it's all fun and games. and just because i can do homework or text message my mom or blog while i'm down in the store doesn't mean i don't still work!

**rant over**

sorry i've been MIA! i'm feeling better and happy to be back among the living. i've spent the last week playing catch-up from taking a few days off to be sick. also, i'm coming up on my 500th blog post. NUTS! stay tuned for a giveaway in a few posts here :) also, we're moving. YEE!


  1. yay where are you moving too

  2. oh HI. its just me. the one that hasn't read about your life in like 2.5 months. sorry. i love your blog. I can't believe i have been away from it that long. and dude you own a buisness. that is not an easy job. (not that i know.. but i can only imagine)
    ok i love you. bye.

  3. Glad you're feeling better. You can bet your bippy that if I was with you I would make you partake of whatever I can conjure up and you'd be better faster! I love you and can hardly wait to see your happy mug in just a few short days. yee!!

  4. Moving??? Where and when? I am happy for you I know you have been looking for a while! Glad you are feeling better too!

  5. pretty shirt, pretty birl :)


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