you was texting her

yesterday, a girl came in to tan. she's been in before, and usually while she's waiting for her tanning bed she yells at her boyfriend on the phone. one time, she came in with her friend and the friend called up the boyfriend to "confront" him with his girlfriend sitting right there. it was all very dramatic.

don't you miss high school?....no?
yeah, me neither.

anyways, yesterday i was sitting on my throne (it's not really a throne--it's an old shampoo chair from the salon, but i can adjust it so it leans back against the wall the perfect amount and it's fluffy and i feel very royal sitting in it), sick as a dog*. she came in to tan and there was a 5-minute wait for a bed, so of course i leaned back in my throne and waited for the drama to ensue. she didn't disappoint.

"i seen the pictures! i seen them on facebook, you was kissing her! i seen them! you was lying to me. i saw your number all up in her phone, you was texting her." and then she hung up on him.

"you tell him, sister!" i thought, leaning back in my chair and simultaneously hacking my lungs out. "kick him to the curb!"

when he called back, she's all "OK, i'm going to tan now! love you! see you tonight!"

huh? the worst part of the whole this is, i'm more appalled by her abysmal grammar than i am by her letting homeboy walk all over her.

*i had the worst-ever chest cold yesterday. painful coughing, asthma, man voice, overall feelings of awfulness. luckily, david took care of me all night and even got me a jamba juice this morning. i still feel a little yucky, but WAY better than yesterday. my husband is the best.

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  1. Me too. Someone gotta get this child into some sort of co-dependent seminar or something.


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