au revoir, été

i was going through pictures on my computer today and kept finding ones from this last summer that i loved but sort of forgot i had.
like this one of me kissing my main squeeze on the fourth of july at a barbecue with our neighbors, taken by stacy...
or this one of david with my birthday cake. we had a birthday barbecue (we bbq a lot in the summer) and we spent an awesome, warm evening with the people i love most in rexburg. and there was an america-themed birthday cake, which was fantastic because i love america. i like this picture because david looks so proud of the cake.
or this one, from when my mom came to rexburg with a broken ankle (yes, she drove the whole way by herself...with a broken ankle) and we went to stake conference and took this silly picture.

i'll miss summer, especially evening barbecues and trips to the sno shack with the robbins. i don't doubt that fall will bring many good things, though...like the writer's retreat i got selected to participate in! and pumpkin pie. and many, many good changes to the store.

also, cold weather = increased snuggling time with my sexy husband, an obvious bonus in life.

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  1. I love summer barbecues!!! I'm going to miss them to much. I guess we'll have to make the guys go out and barbecue for us in the winter - and we'll stay snuggly warm upstairs. ;)


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