bad things about today:
1. it's starting to snow...just a little bit. but we don't have a heater in our apartment yet, and it's cold. like, really cold. like the heater my mom got me to heat up my little corner of the store just wasn't cut out to be a whole-apartment heating unit. this leaves me looking like this:
while doing homework! that's a beanie, my husband's flannel, long-sleeved shirt, woolen slippers...and i'm still chilly. grr.
2. i got groceries today...and when i went to use the broccoli slaw i bought, it was ROTTEN and EXPIRED. i bought it today! so instead of a lovely, romantic dinner of moo shu tofu for two...i sat at home and froze my bum off while david went to broulims to get our money back/get us something else to eat.
3. i missed fhe because i wasn't feeling well.
4. i missed lunch with my momma and my bf4enene because i live in rexburg.

good things about today:
1. i got my hair did. LA ROUGE! (see photo above) i like it. the red's fun. maybe i'll do a little more red next time..and a little more after that...?
2. i got groceries with shpitty.
3. i had dinner with david, & even though it was sammies instead of delicious home-cooked moo shu tofu, it was still nice.
4. it was my day off, so i got a wonderfully long nap (like 4 hours long) and didn't even feel bad about it.
5. i leave for byui's off-campus writer's retreat in t-minus 2 days! & i see michelle in 5 days!
6. there are trees outside that look like this one:


  1. Yay! You did it! (almost)

  2. "i got a wonderfully long nap (like 4 hours long) and didn't even feel bad about it"

    You need to read the napping book! "Permission to Nap." Carrie just read it and let me borrow it and I read it and it's awesome. It's about the need (for women in particular) to take naps! How it's healthy and beneficial and we shouldn't feel guilty about it.


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