collar popping

if you used to show horses...
and you sometimes get bored with your wardrobe...
and you remember the small horse show wardrobe in the back of your closet...
then it's ok to use a shirt that was actually bought when you were 12 and feel like you've got new clothes on.
except you keep it a secret that it's actually supposed to be buttoned up like this:
unless you're a blogger. 
then you post a picture of your silly collar for the whole world to see.

and if you receive really, really good news in the morning, you smile all day long and feel so grateful for truth and family and love. and if it's your husband's goof-off day, you just smile when he tells you he ate like 3 slices of cake for breakfast. and if your best friend is coming home to the states after 18 months in london, you squeal a little bit every time someone asks you how you are and tell them she's coming back!!, even if they probably don't care.

well, maybe you don't do any of these things...but i do.


  1. Ain't you just so pretty! (AND smart.) I love your shirt. I really do. You should wear it buttoned up like that.

  2. Very smart! :), I'm a buttoned-collar person myself so obviously like this also :). My saying is "Keep your shirt on and your collar buttoned!"


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