double rainbow, all the way!

did you know that i love mondays? well, i do. i love mondays so much.
it's my day off work, and while i adore my job, it's so nice to have a break.

my bff shpitty and i have a monday tradition of going grocery shopping together. we never get ready and we enjoy the time dissecting our weeks and complaining about all the indie hipster chicks that seem to have sprouted up in rexburg.  today, we also decided to get crepes and go to porter's to get embroidery thread for hair wraps and cardstock to make halloween decorations for the store's display case (the results = awesome).
today was also d-day for the front of our store! it looks NUTS outside. people keep asking if we're going out of business...nope, just getting a face lift! it's exciting and maybe a little scary/weird how different the store front is starting to look:
 hello, most unattractive facial expression EVER.

aaand then i came home and put the finishing touches on this light i made for the new apartment:
overall, it was a fantastic day and i enjoyed being unshowered and just a little crafty.

p.s...i know this post is getting random/rambly, but you really should watch this video. it cracks me up. "it's almost a triple! double rainbow, all the way!"


  1. i love his pure happiness. i love when simple things get people excited. But it was hilarious how EXCITED he became by a rainbow. I don't even think when i was little i flipped that hardcore!

  2. Can I get some of whatever he's on?!?! :) LOVE IT!

  3. Your Halloween scene is the coolest thing EVAH!


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