from thailand with love

my mom went to thailand on a yoga retreat. she's also been to costa rica and belize, and every time i get so jealous and wait eagerly for her to return to the states and enthrall me with her tales from abroad. you can read about her adventures in thailand here. i always get so jealous hearing about the crazy and exotic things she does in other countries while i sit in a classroom in rexburg, idaho. someday david and i will travel the world! but until then, we'll hear my mom's stories and imagine we're there.
another cool thing about my mom: she just performed in the grand national rodeo with her drill team. way talented.

well, i got an envelope in the mail yesterday that contained this:
holy cuteness!! here's a close up of the elephants:
elephants AND turquoise? she knows me well.
thanks a million, mom! it was very unexpected and thoughtful and i just love having a little piece of thailand in my little apartment. it's hanging proudly above my record player, just waiting for me to put all sorts of secret things into the little pockets.


  1. I remember when you posted about your mom going on a retreat. Or maybe I read it on hers when I was busy stalking? that was when she went to belize i think though. She is super cool. I love that she does stuff like that. OH AND THOSE PANTS TWO POSTS DOWN ARE AWESOME. i wish i was skinny so i could wear them. love youuu

  2. That's fantastic! I love it!

    (Also, the word verification is an actual word. "Hyper." Hm.)


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