i've been feeling very crafty lately.
for instance, the other day i crafted this moo shu tofu:
but that wasn't really out of the ordinary, because i make moo shu tofu about once a week. it's one of our favorites, wrapped up all warm in a tortilla with hoisin sauce...yumm.

then, yesterday i made bread.  it was my first loaf that didn't flop in the middle. it turned out really well!
see? fluffy perfection!
i like making my own bread because i see exactly what goes into it (read: no dairy, so dave stays alive = win-win).
also, it turns into really excellent grilled cheese sandwiches:
i just started making grilled cheese with my grill instead of on the stovetop...my mind = blown. so much better!
aside from cooking, i've been busy putting together my panache package.
{ my workspace this evening, aka my bedroom floor}

wouldn't you know it, i've got my bff shpitty! putting a package together for her has been a blast. the contents of her package are top-secret...but hailey never gets on the internet, so i think i'm safe in showing this a few days before she gets it.  {hailey: if by some weird chance you are reading this, stop reading now. NOW!}

the outside of her package looks like this:
and contains the following:
there are corner page bookmarks (decorated by me), a licorice pipe, a bar of soap that looks like a brain, a seeker of happiness frame, and a wall hanging of arrested development cartoons/quotes made by yours truly.
i also edited a picture of her and her dog mojo to put in the frame.
it looks like this:
this is hilarious because:
a.) it's halloween time,
b.) hailey loves pictures of her dog mojo edited to look like he's human,
c.) hailey is terrified of the undead, but
d.) she likes preparing for zombie attacks, and
e.) she is also terrified of clowns.
i know these things seem weird, but in the words of stacy, "sometimes random is just the best way to go."
this is never more true than when it comes to hailey.

so. that's what i've been up to. i'm enjoying this time of year (who in the blogosphere isn't? with the exception of liz, natch :) and spending way too much time procrastinating homework. i'm also getting excited for michelle's arrival home in 3 days and the writer's retreat at the end of this month.

what have you been up to? i'd love to know!


  1. AAAAAH! You quoted me on your blog! I feel famous.

  2. I'm being blog-crucified for not liking autumn!

    I just dance to the tune of a different drum, all right?


  3. Did you draw those Bluth family pictures yourself???


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