i told him to pose like a golf magazine

 today my cute husband is 26!
happy birthday, honey!

here are 26 things i love about you today:

1. your golfing skills
2. the kind things you always say
3. your obsession with COPS
4. your level-headed disposition
5. the way you grab my hand when we're walking
6. your crazy man hair
7. the way you drive the motorcycle
8. the way you walk
9. your grandpa clothes
10. the notes you leave for me
11. your good attitude about your lactose allergy/intolerance
12. your to-do list
13. the way you always tell me when you think i look good
14. the way you teach our sunday school class
15. your love for the people from your mission
16. your incredible work ethic
17. your cowboy ways
18. your lips
19. your aversion to gossip
20. your support for me in doing the things i love
21. your prayers
22. the way you call your grandmama to say hello on sundays
23. your willingness to serve
24. the dates you take me on
25. the time you spend in the scriptures
26. you're sexy. 'nuff said.

i love you more than i ever thought i could love someone. you're the man of my dreams. i love being goofy with you, i love cuddling with you, i love everything about you.


  1. Just found your cute blog :) Happy birthday to your hubberz!

  2. Zum Geburtstag viel Glück!


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