i'm on a board

i snowboard. did you know that?
i actually love snowboarding. i started going in high school almost every weekend. this bus would pick my brothers and i up at 5 am and drive us to tahoe and we'd spend all day on the slopes, then catch the bus to get back home late that night.
in college, i kept going every saturday because the university gets us an awesome discount on night boarding tickets and we're only 20 minutes away from decent snowboarding.
i'm not bad on a board, either (i hope that's not a narcissistic thing to say)! i mean, i don't get sweet air over phat jumps (see? i even talk like a snowboarder. lol), but i can keep up with the boys.
david took me snowboarding on our first date. isn't that cute?
he wanted to kiss me that night, but i didn't let him.
here's a secret: i really wanted to kiss him. but i also really liked him, and you don't kiss boys you really like on the first date. single ladies, write that down.
he did put his arm around me on the chairlift, though! that's ok on a first date.

anyways, i'm pretty excited for snowboarding season to begin.
i'm not super excited for snow, and walking to and from school in snow, and driving in snow, and dressing for the snow...but snowboarding? aaaw, yeah!


  1. Snowboarding is SO cool! I got to go once when my brother-in-law had an extra ticket a while ago. I was beat to heck and so sore the next day but I wished I could go again! ~Jamin

  2. Cool I didn't know you were such a sweet boarder!

    My word verification was "exiced." I'm so "exiced" that you snowboard!


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