la vie

wake up late
be glad i showered last night
c.s. lewis class
HR class
walk home
world religions class
visiting teaching
fast dinner
arsenic & old lace
phone call with meeshelle (YES!)
(all one right after the other!)

now it's midnight...and i'm looking like this:
i only just started my homework. it's gonna be a late night and an early morning tomorrow.
it's been one of those go-go-go days that make me just want to curl up with some warm toast, chamomile tea, harry potter, and david haynes. but being a full-time student and small business owner just doesn't allow for much lounging time...darn.
perhaps this weekend?

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  1. Hey it's Elle aka Porter's fabric girl, because that has become my identity now.
    Your blog is super cute and I was happy to see that you like Kaelah Bee's blog too! She's my favorite.
    And uh, maybe the reason I branched out and went with red hair??

    Well I can't wait for your friend to have her fanny packs in the shop! I'll have to come in soon and look around


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