so we got some black pants in the store.
if you really need to know, fine, they're jeggings.
but i hate that word, so i call them pants. plus, if i call them jeggings, i'm coming awful close to breaking my "LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS" rule, and heaven knows i don't want to do that.

i decided to try them on last night...you know, just so i could help customers with fitting and know more about panache's products and, uh....for business reasons. business research.

well, let me tell you something about these pants.
i'm not sure which one of these ladies i feel more like today:
are they audrey hepburn classic and chic? or are they sandra dee sexy/maybe a little trashy? 
i mean, i don't feel obscene in them. it's not like i'm trying to impress anyone other than david. i feel...
well, in the immortal words of shania twain,
man! i feel like a woman! 
(i loved shania dearly in my youth..don't judge)

i'm keeping them.


  1. As well you should.

    Because does it really matter if you feel more like Audrey Hepburn or Olivia-Newton John? I'd be happy with either.

  2. two things:

    1. shania twain is my reason for living.
    2. black jeggings. nothing sexier. period. LOVE THEM

  3. So fetch.

    But seriously, you're hot. That's why we're friends.

  4. You should do it. I haven't done something so simple that was so liberating in a long time. It's like being an entirely new person!

  5. I am a leggings/jeggings convert too after buying a pair because I was too cold one day and needed something to cover my legs.

    I just wish they made girls sign a waiver saying they must wear something to cover their butts when buying a pair.


  6. I'm starting to like jeggings more and more... I've yet to buy a pair though!

    P.S. I know - I totally saw that! That's crazy! I knew your husband from his first semester at BYU-I. We hung out a few times and that's all I remember. Ha!



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